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About Nick & Lindsey

We love traveling, and believe everyone should be able to take a stress-free vacation. The only thing we love more than traveling is planning! When we first got married, we used to argue over who got to plan our trips. So we took that passion and decided to offer it to others! Lindsey loves to think about all the things leading up to the trip: creating packing lists, suggesting flight times, creating itineraries for theme parks, etc., while Nick is the expert at all things during the trip like dining reservations, resort offerings, and best transportation options. He’s basically a theme park know-it-all - in a good way! Planning really is fun for us, and we’d love to help book your trip!

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Our Services

Planning & Booking

We collaborate with you on every step of your vacation, and we help customize your trip to cater to your needs. We plan and book your hotel and tickets for most destinations.


We communicate with you every step of the way, from the initial booking to when you arrive back home! We also give you tips and tricks for your vacation.

Free Services

Our services are free! You’ll be able to actually rest and relax on your vacation, at no extra cost.

Our Destinations.

Other Things We Can Book


We can book you at Marriott, IHG, and Hilton hotels.

Rental Cars

We can book you with Budget, Alamo and Dollar rental cars.


We can book you on most airlines. Subject to a service fee.

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Check out our blog where we will post informative and fun articles for you to read! You can also get latest updates on what's happening at the parks here too.

Our Blog

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